Think you can take the hype in Nekki’s Shadow Fight 3? Read on to know more about this sought-after amusement!


shadow fight 3 shadow form

Shadow Fight 3 is the latest edition of the Shadow Fight series that’s free to download. This newest version has made a lot of enhancements to bring gamers the best online experience ever.

Unlike in the previous version where the character is a literal shadow, players can now choose how their character will appear in the game. However, the options are limited; one can only select the hairstyle, color of the hair, and face type. If you ask me, it doesn’t really matter how you look because you’ll be covering your body with an armor and your head with a helmet anyway.

In Shadow Fight 3, you can also train with a person, unlike in the old version where you improve your moves all alone.

The graphics—effects and visuals—have improved in this version, allowing players to get more involved in the game. Although the game requires more phone memory, it’s worth it.


The two currencies in the game are still there—gems and gold. These two are needed for armor and weapon upgrades. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to pay online, you can even use real cash to upgrade or purchase equipment. However, if you can’t pay online or don’t have the budget, leveling up might be time-consuming and difficult for you. But actually, there’s a solution for this: you need to use a hack. Using a Shadow Fight 3 hack may sound a bit suspicious, but sometimes you have to take the risk you know. To further encourage you and remove your doubts, here are the advantages of using a hack from

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