Incorrect Product

This happens a lot. According to recent surveys we got, 45% of consumers online get incorrect product after waiting for the shipping turn around times. We know how frustrating this can be because one of  the reasons why we buy online is to save time. Having this issue will take time to solve. We have to send the product back, contact the seller, and wait again.

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Not Meeting Expectation

We have received reports from consumers complaining that the product that was advertised online is totally different from what was shipped to them. This is a result of false advertising and fake reviews. What we can do in our part is to make sure that the sellers we buy from our legit. And also do intensive reviews before deciding to buy the product.

Fraud Issues

Becoming a victim of fraud is another scary thought. Your credit card will be compromised and unauthorized transactions might be added on your credit card bill. Though banks have dispute process, it will take time. This experience is the worst compared to other issues you can encounter online.

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