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Online is a big playground everyone can play. The good news is there are ways to prevent the hassles you might experience if you shop online recklessly. The first rule is: Don’t be reckless. Trust is not something given freely, it has to be earned. So don’t give it right aways without assessing if they worth or not.

Protect Your PC

If you shop online, you can be a target of hackers. They can get your information and sell it. To prevent them sending malwares to your computer, add anti-virus and ad blocker. The game gets more complicated and tougher, their gimmicks and techniques might change, but having these applications will give you peace of mind that they can’t simply hack your information.

Don’t Give Unnecessary Information

Online shopping sites are there to earn profit. They don’t do background checks or anything intensive to find out who you are. As long as you gave your name, shipping address, credit number, and contact number, you are good to go. It is unnecessary for them to ask about your social security number, date of birth, or other information you might think they can use to steal your identity.

Buy Only From Trusted Sites

It is tempting to buy from unknown sources specially if they offer you a good deal. This is the time your intuition comes into play. Offers that maybe too good to be true should be taken with cautiousness. Check for trust marks such as: McAfeeVerisignPaypal, BBB, and TRUSTe.